75/ The Space of Technicity MMXXIV

First Volume in the new Ecologies of Architecture Open-Source Book Series

Theorising Social, Technical and Environmental Entanglements

ISBN: 978-94-93329-14-0 paper version

Desperate times demand optimistic transdisciplinary measures. This volume unites a select group of thinkers who courageously traverse disciplinary boundaries. What brings them together is the least stratified ‘component’: a shared problem. It is a widely recognised that a problem gets the solution it merits. However, only a few acknowledge that a problem seldom neatly fits within a single discipline, nor does it conform to the principle of general equivalence. Handling its irreducibility and non-entailment is a skill possessed by very few. Even fewer take the quasi-causal capacity of what we term the ‘space of technicity’ seriously.

Series Editors
Stavros Kousoulas, Andrej Radman, and Heidi Sohn

Volume Editors
Robert A. Gorny, Stavros Kousoulas, Dulmini Perera, and Andrej Radman

Lila Athanasiadou, Marc Boumeester, Bruce Clarke, Gökhan Kodalak, Stavros Kousoulas, Alina Paias, Barbara Prezelj, John Protevi, Andrej Radman, Gregory Seigworth, Heidi Sohn, Sha Xin Wei, and Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko

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