40/ Ten Most Beautiful Residences Since Croatian Independence, A. Radman and I. Vrbanek © MMXI

A Legacy for the Future

Croatia's Ten Most Beautiful Villas
The Croatian Architects Association has made a selection of the most beautiful award-winning buildings designed and built between 1990 and 2009. Here is their selection of family homes.

M. Bernfest et al., Award Winning Croatian Architecture 90-09
(Zagreb: Skolska knjiga, 2011), pp. 278-281.

From the Explanation of the CAA Advisory Board:
This house has been created by young authors who, led by the logic of a Roman villa, ended up creating a contemporary space... Lining up rooms, without emphasizing each functional priority, they come to the main space - the atrium, which further accentuates the introvert and/or extrovert qualities of each space. By pushing the strip window theme hard their intention is to open up the view onto Zagreb, visible almost in its entirety. The volume of the house seems like the best possible solution in a given context. The contemporaneity is confirmed by their attitude, not the vocabulary...

Photos by M. Bernfest

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